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Bios (Photo credit: Henrique Vicente)


I’m a big fan of the stage3 install method.


Prepare partitions, format filesystems and make a mount point. Extract a root filesystem into place. Add a kernel and boot loader, reboot and done. The rest is configuration.


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Raspberry Pi and Chromebook Pixel

Raspberry Pi and Chromebook Pixel

I haven’t had a commercially backed Linux device that I’ve been excited to use as much as my Pixel.

One of the things that brightened my day today was the realisation that Chromebooks support Linux filesystems for SDCards and other removable media.

This opens up a lot of Pi hackery possibilities.

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The currently recommended image for Raspberry Pi is the Debian based Raspbian distro.

Playing in this sandbox is a new experience for me. It feels like the Linux I’m used to, but there are some subtle differences. I’d thought I might share my thoughts and experiences.

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