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Image representing Nitrous.IO as depicted in C...

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I’ve had the Pixel for a few months now. The most surprising thing that I’ve realised is how much time I have been using this without modifications. In the first month, I immediately dropped into devmode, installed Gentoo, Debian and my own builds of ChromiumOS.

In the end, I decided to use the Pixel with devmode off, while I sacrifice shell access to the local filesystem, the extra security of the verified boot is nice. This isn’t that restrictive for me because the crosh shell (ctrl+alt+t) has a ssh client which is enough for me to do my “real” computing on a server somewhere else.

When at home, I have a server at home, at work I have a small cloud and workstation to connect to. But sometimes, I wonder if I really can get away from these support servers and make the most of the ChromeBook environment.

I don’t care about picture or video editing. There are some HTML5 games¬†too. What will matter to me most is an IDE and collaboration tools (groupware). I’ll save groupware for later.

Introducing Nitrous.IO. This is going to be one of those multi-page blogs.

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Programming Rules – part 2

JavaScript - Type

Hello World in 98 lines does not a good programming language make.

I still don’t think I will like javascript. Not until someone cleans it up. When we get to 9.8 lines, then I might reconsider.


(My) Rules of programming languages

example of Python language

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I’ve found myself stumbling into a few programming languages recently. Normally I deal with C, C++ and associated build systems. Today, I had a dive into some others.
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