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Gentoo FTW!

These past few weeks, there have been some pretty disturbing disruptions for Linux users on rolling release distros.The biggest upset in recent times I’ll describe as “The udev-200 issue”, where the symptoms of an unsupervised update/reboot cycle will present you with a) a system that won’t boot, b) a system without network or c) both.

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Firewall Traversal

In the world of video conferencing, one of the most annoying aspects of networks are firewalls. When setting up calls, a lot of ports are needed. RTP requires a port for media in each direction, plus their RTCP port (usually RTP port + 1). Double that number again for the audio channels and just for luck, add an extra port for BFCP/H.239 content.

For a company that relies on video conferencing, multiplying this many ports by the number of external calls they expect to have concurrently, and this poses a problem.
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