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Full Size Chef Puppet

Full Size Chef Puppet

The Chef hello world equivalency  is not as straight forward as a shell redirection that is Puppet. But after teaching @crizzXe how to deploy an appliance that I’ve been working on I now have a good way to convey what’s going on.

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Large projects, Sinking teeth

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I’ve needed something to restore my faith in good code. I think I’ve found it. Let me explain why.

I’m looking for a big project that I can sink myself into. I know a few programming languages and am slowly coming round to see the point of python[1]; I’m confident with my ability to use git without loosing data and SVN is just insane[2].

Since I use Linux where there’s source code for everything, I decided to dig into one of the projects that I use on an everyday basis.

Disclaimer: I am not a developer in any of the projects listed in here. I may have filed  one or two bugs, but nothing serious. I do not have write access to any of the upstream projects. I am however a user, and I like to know where stuff came from. Maybe one day I will be a dev, until then all opinions expressed here are my own and are susceptible to being wrong and/or updated into obsolescence. I also have no real idea about what’s going on or how things really work.

Warning: This is a kinda long post for me, you have been warned. Enjoy!

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