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There’s an odd thing with PXE imaging using MAC addresses. You have to specify them with 7 bytes.

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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sponge

In which I setup an IDE for my coding…

As with most of my Tinker posts to do with computers this is a guide to something I might need to do again in the future. You can probably find out how to do it online but I struggled with bits and am putting it here for my own and other’s reference.

I am currently demonstrating a C++ lab at the University and it’s good to be able to run the example code myself ahead of time. Also I am continuing to teach myself C++ as part of Project Euler.

QT Creator

QT Creator is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which features (among other things):

  • C/C++ support
  • QML support – allows you to make GUIs quickly
  • Cross platform compiling
  • App publishing tools
  • The awesome tag-line “One framework to rule them all”

You can find out more at the QT Project website.*


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Happy New Year

Firstly, an apology for not posting things here for a while. It’s not that I haven’t run out of topics to rant on about, or the lack of anything really new in the tech world in the run-up for Christmas. I could talk to you about Chromebooks success, or my exploits on EC2 (build servers for raspberry pis).

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Hi everyone,

My windows laptop just crashed, but you all should know that I managed to churn out this raspberry pi kernel in time.

It’s 16M, similar to the emergency kernel with a custom init.

Just boot it, remove the SD card and admire that it hasn’t crashed.

I think there are some cool things to follow up with this.

Happy Weekend.


I’ve been using python a lot recently. A LOT! Mostly django applications… but there are exceptions. I’ve also signed up to every web-cloud-hosted-trial-service that I can find [heroku, openshift, dotcloud etc].

Through various projects at work and in my own time at home, I think I now have the basic (and the slightly advanced) skills to setup a full cloud application on virtual machines. don’t ask.

One of the niggles with working with lots of machines, I’ll explain why further down, is that you need to maintain subtly different settings and it isn’t the wisest of ideas to store all of that config data in source control. has 12 good recommendations for modern sw-dev and has some very persuasive points to make. Read it, read it now.

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