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An incoming call…

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MeeGo’s Tablet GUI as demonstrated at Computex...

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When I buy hardware (computers, phones etc), I ignore every and all software features that may be advertised on the box.

Just because my computers could run windows, doesn’t mean that I need them too. Thus, all my computers boot, or dual boot Gentoo/Linux.

Juniper was a no-brainer, it’s many cores and high clock speed make it a very effective build host and/or number cruncher. If I could afford a multi-CPU machine, then I would have gone for that instead. I settled for a higher-than-average core count.

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Snowflake. Small microscope kept outdoors. Sna...

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Well, I thought I should add my contribution to the wealth of white to the social networks. This also gives me an excuse to show off the image quality of my phone.

I did have thoughts of taking before/after, day/night shots. I also toyed with ideas of exploring the area, hunting for shots of good snow. Unfortunately, have you seen how cold it is out there.

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New phone

Wordmark of HTC. Trademarked by HTC.

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Hey hey, my dear readers. My new phone has arrived. It’s quite cool.

It came in the smallest of boxes.
Besides the paperwork to keep the lawyers happy, there was no comprehensive technical manual.
The only paperwork worth reading, besids the box itself, was a small quick start guide. It points at all of the hardware buttons, the various bits of transportation plastic to remove, and the order to push buttons the first time you turn it on.

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