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It has a lot of pixels, but it’s not made of chrome.

People have been asking me why I love the Chromebook Pixel so much. I’ve tried, and in most cases failed, to portray it verbally. So, lets try this…

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For a long time, sitting on the side watching the internet play out. The latest news so far is that SOPA and PIPA have been withdrawn, will probably be re-written in some form and come back in another democratic cycle or so.

If I was US based, then I would take more personal steps in the war-on-copyright/fight-against-piracy. Alas, I’m not so I’m going to put up banners, say the right things and hold double standards on all matters.

I think I should finally weigh in here.

I think I have thought up a method of enforcing copyright that would make the RIAA, MPAA and other such organisations happy.

It just takes a bit of technical knowledge and some thought.

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Not dead.
Not dying.

I know this has been a bit quiet recently, and I know that I have promising content on the way. You know I have promising content on the way too since there are a few unfinished topics floating around in the history of this blog.

There are some things that I need to update you on. New hardware and software that have come across my path. New locations, feelings attitudes and approaches that I have stumbled into.
All of these things are very good subject material I have just avoided sitting down and writing them out.

One of the biggest contribution to the lack of new content is probably by inability to string a paragraph together which consists with slightly more than

Is it because I have don’t have enough time on my hands as I used to? Not really, but I definitely haven’t managed my time that well. Most of that I blame to the fact that I’m living each day on a week by week basis.

I blame lawyers. You’ll understand soon. I can’t explain it right now since ‘the secret event’ still hasn’t occurred. When the lawyers get their act together and give the green light, then I’ll be able to extend to you what’s been happening.

Things like this happen when anyone keeps secrets. Deal with it, keep checking back here or prod me on the social networks (thanks H)[1]. Until I have my own hole to hide in, I won’t publicly declare it to the whole world yet.

As is the nature of keeping secrets, I shan’t say much about details here. Prod me in the social networks or the comments below. We’ll figure something out (thanks H)[1].

So, Not dead. I’m still gathering some resources and services. I’m sure there’s going to be some announcement. Hopefully before my next birthday.

[1] Yea, I might start mentioning people too, LJ styleee. You know who you are.


Standard question mark

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I know I haven’t blogged in a while.

I might even have to break my postaweek challenge. There’s something exciting about to happen, well.. in the process starting to maybe be happening.

I have a little vindictive side that want to keep this a secret as long as possible. Right up to the last-minute.

When it comes to secrets, I have policies. A set of rules that I will adhere to if you entrust me with yours. Maybe someday, I’ll tell you what those rules are. That list stays with me for now[1].

One of the rules is about disclosure, if you find out my secret (or I find out yours) through other means and am confronted with it directly, I will tell.
Conversely, if it is a sensitive secret, it is enough that it’s existence be known. The full secret can be kept hidden until it needs to be unleashed.

Only the few closest to me know the full set of rules, they know how to respect them.

Respect this secret too. I’ll try to post when I can about subjects that are still safe. This blog will also stay open as a channel of communication too, I just might be a bit quiet on the posts for the next few months.

Ideas welcome.

[1] Much like my 6 items of vital importance list.

Large projects, Sinking teeth

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I’ve needed something to restore my faith in good code. I think I’ve found it. Let me explain why.

I’m looking for a big project that I can sink myself into. I know a few programming languages and am slowly coming round to see the point of python[1]; I’m confident with my ability to use git without loosing data and SVN is just insane[2].

Since I use Linux where there’s source code for everything, I decided to dig into one of the projects that I use on an everyday basis.

Disclaimer: I am not a developer in any of the projects listed in here. I may have filed  one or two bugs, but nothing serious. I do not have write access to any of the upstream projects. I am however a user, and I like to know where stuff came from. Maybe one day I will be a dev, until then all opinions expressed here are my own and are susceptible to being wrong and/or updated into obsolescence. I also have no real idea about what’s going on or how things really work.

Warning: This is a kinda long post for me, you have been warned. Enjoy!

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