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I *REALLY* hate forums.

Give me an RSS feed or a blog post/wiki page with comment threads any day. But when you combine the two and treat announcements and facts as equal to comments and praise then things get messy.

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Someone call me up on this if I don’t actually do it.

I’m thinking, something cross-platform in QML/Qt/C++. I’ll figure something out.
Anybody got feature requests?

Sorry Cyanogenmod

Cyanogenmod Logo

aka. Lore: The evil brother of the android Data.

In my circles of friends[1], I am probably the most vocal advocate for open hardware and running alternative operating systems on devices.

The Cyanogenmod post-market firmware for Android devices is probably[2] something that I will never try, explore and love.

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The WeTab

If only all tablets were designed like this one.

Nokia/Intel provide the “other” tablet OS, but nobody really knows what that’s like. Have you noticed that MeeGo is almost 2 years old? Where are those devices? If MeeGo is the iPad killer, why are we almost about to realise the iPad3?

Anyway, read on for my list of current tablets that are out there. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll skip devices which are really ereaders, glorified smartphones and netbooks. This one is about Tablets.

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MeeGo’s Tablet GUI as demonstrated at Computex...

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When I buy hardware (computers, phones etc), I ignore every and all software features that may be advertised on the box.

Just because my computers could run windows, doesn’t mean that I need them too. Thus, all my computers boot, or dual boot Gentoo/Linux.

Juniper was a no-brainer, it’s many cores and high clock speed make it a very effective build host and/or number cruncher. If I could afford a multi-CPU machine, then I would have gone for that instead. I settled for a higher-than-average core count.

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Large projects, Sinking teeth

Logo of the KDE Project "KDE, K Desktop E...

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I’ve needed something to restore my faith in good code. I think I’ve found it. Let me explain why.

I’m looking for a big project that I can sink myself into. I know a few programming languages and am slowly coming round to see the point of python[1]; I’m confident with my ability to use git without loosing data and SVN is just insane[2].

Since I use Linux where there’s source code for everything, I decided to dig into one of the projects that I use on an everyday basis.

Disclaimer: I am not a developer in any of the projects listed in here. I may have filed  one or two bugs, but nothing serious. I do not have write access to any of the upstream projects. I am however a user, and I like to know where stuff came from. Maybe one day I will be a dev, until then all opinions expressed here are my own and are susceptible to being wrong and/or updated into obsolescence. I also have no real idea about what’s going on or how things really work.

Warning: This is a kinda long post for me, you have been warned. Enjoy!

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New phone

Wordmark of HTC. Trademarked by HTC.

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Hey hey, my dear readers. My new phone has arrived. It’s quite cool.

It came in the smallest of boxes.
Besides the paperwork to keep the lawyers happy, there was no comprehensive technical manual.
The only paperwork worth reading, besids the box itself, was a small quick start guide. It points at all of the hardware buttons, the various bits of transportation plastic to remove, and the order to push buttons the first time you turn it on.

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