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Reasons why I shouldn’t be let anywhere near web development.

I’m not a big fan of closing tags, markup languages like HTML and XML really annoy me. It may be nice to a computer, and semi-readable by humans but it’s hard to keep track of large scraps of xml and it’s hard to find good formatters.

Pygi is my attempt to get around this by using a higher language to remove some of the work.
Take a look at pygi.py ad my favourite function, endall() which walks back along the tag stack, and closes them all.

It’s a fun way to speed up writing websites and leaves me left to think up the design rather than spend time debugging tags.

So, here’s my attempt at a simple chat application. No javascript, written in HTML (with some HTML5-ness) and driven by python3.

There’s plenty of room left for improvement, username support, colour choices and so on.
I might even write a client instead of relying on browsers. Merge requests welcome.


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