gentoo linux 10 years compiling

Its all about choice. {1}

or Why I love Gentoo

In further attempts to circumvent this lousy Sky branded home router (from Netgear), I’ve now setup a DNS caching server on juniper. It also serves as an authoritative server for the local network.

Installation was fairly painless, and gentoo helped find the bits of config that I didn’t know  how to fiddle with. Gentoo provides the tools, and literally shows you how to install new software from scratch. Furthermore, once you have compiled and installed code, it can give you a leg up to configure, run and use the shiny new software.


Step 1/. Get tired of typing ip addresses for common things.

Step 2/. Edit /etc/hosts and C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts files to map names to ip addresses.

Step 3/. Get tired of maintaining/synchronizing multiple hosts files all over your network and decide that you really need a DNS server.

Step 4/.

eix -c net-dns/*

to find a list of available DNS servers. Settle for BIND.

Step 5/.

emerge -av bind

and adjust USE flags as desired.

euse -i [flag] [...]

is your friend.

Step 6/. Sit back and watch 6-cores of multi-threaded awesomeness happen. Unfortunately, this step won’t take too long.

Step 7/.

qlist net-dns/bind | grep etc

brings up a list of configuration files. Edit them accordingly.



  1. apple

    Why BIND?

    The only reason (I see) to use BIND is that it is the only auth-DNS server that can do DNSSEC (which isn’t much useful now but will be required in the future).

    For local networks (and possibly for small operations), I’m currently looking at maradns.

    • bencord0

      BIND is awesome, it has all the capabilities you want from a DNS server. IMHO, the next best DNS server is from Microsoft.

      With BIND, there’s no messing with semantics of configuration files, you just write the RRs directly into zone files. None of this messing with BKN formatting, A records are A records, a simple one liner mapping to an ip.

      Also, it works and makes me happier that I know a bit more about DNS.
      Advanced topics include adding new SRV records so that VC works. Useful tricks to know from work etc. BIND is straight forward. MS-DNS has a GUI of the hirearchy, that helps to keep life understandable.

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