This is my reply to today’s challenge Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Why or why not?




  1. bencord0

    I should probably expand on this a little bit. As you may know, my background area of academics is Physics. For a lot of things in physics, causality is very important. I could cite the Newtonian idea that if one know the x and dx/dt of all the particles, then one could predict the future, but that is easily dismissed in the modern understanding of physics.

    Planets go around stars, planes fall out of the sky, floods drown animals and people invent religion. The fact that anything happens at all is mostly a human construction. Unfortunately there are a lot of humans. We invent meanings, peoples lives should tell stories in the big meta-book of “What is” – By God, we go about everyday with some semblance of purpose. Good for us! It gives us something to do in the morning. (There’s also that pesky matter of money that a large number of us are very concerned with too.)

  2. bencord0

    I wonder if these blog post ideas will get any more complicated. Most philosophical questions that are quickly thought up are also quickly answered. Especially so if the answer relies on the opinion of just one person.

    The bigger questions have a nasty habit of being addressed by physicists[1]. Well, there’s always maths.

    [1] {Meaning,Origin,Destination} of {Life,Universe,*} kinda things.

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