60 minutes left

This post is my response to today’s postaday bonus topic: “If you only had an hour to live, what you do with those 60 minutes?”

This is an easy one, provided I have a few prerequisites to hand. If I don’t, then screw it, I won’t be around to pick up many of the pieces.

1/. Start in-situ decryption of certain archives/file/password stores.

2/. Send the commands to lock down my house/computers/networks.

3/. Email/carrier pidgeon/signed gpg message  a semi-public forum necessary information necessary to get access to these stores. If I’m going, at least my digital self can still hang around until time_t64 wraps around.

4/. Rethink 3/. maybe only send the exact login details to certain hand-picked people, the rest just get an encrypted archive of it (or a hard puzzle to figure out) that should be safe from decryption until no one important to me cares too much about it anymore. I might have historians/biographers looking at me in the far future, got to give them something.

If I have all the scripts in place, it shouldn’t take to long to activate them, maybe a text or shell one-liner should do it. Leaving time for…

5/. Start (micro/normal/mega)-blogging about who/what is killing/murdering/euthanizing me, preferably with video evidence for the police/conspiracy theorists/philosophers/scientists and misinterpreters.

6/. Start a dead man’s switch/heart rate recorder/brain scanner with time scale to pin-point my exact moment of death. I’d like to see the results, but that would be a bit tricky. I’d love to see the analysis and follow-up paper in a scientific journal, but that’s just weird. Unless you factor in a fuzzy definition of death …

7/. Spend the remaining time thinking up ways to prevent my imminent demise.

8/. If the 60+5 minutes expire, then add all recorded information to the file stores, and re-encrypt them (new keys of course).

9/.Contemplate the meaning of life and pick what religion/philosophy I want to die as. See 1/. and 6/. for my contribution to the non-religious/phi

10/. Think up one more additions to this post to make an even 10, remembering to remove this non-point.


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